Friday 29 August 2014
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A jolly good ride!

It’s our very first newsletter for the year and we are raring to go! I don’t know about you, but 2013 promises to be a great year....


Are you stressed? Oh no!

3 days ago, I was very tired. I had worked late into the night and I was looking forward to a hot bath and a good night’s rest. I was...

5 lucruri care îl enervează la culme pe şeful tău

Stress is good for you?

Pressure is indeed necessary for growth and personal development. Without pressure we would never meet some of our life ambitions or...

woman slumped over

Prolonged stress makes you ill and can even kill you!

Job stress can affect your professional and personal relationships, your livelihood, your mental and emotional health and can cause and...

Let's think

What’s making you stressed? Let’s figure it out.

According to the UK Health and Safety Executive Management Standards, there are six key areas that if not properly managed, lead to...


10 pointers to relieving stress

There are a number of simple techniques that make managing job stress easy. I told Kemi that while there is no band-aid approach to...


3 stress free must-haves for the office

Speaking about stress, how many times have you opened your wardrobe, picked out a familiar piece, and asked yourself, “How else can I...


Ask HR: Got a burning question for our team?

Question: In my job I have to deal with difficult and disrespectful customers. My employer tells me the customer is always right but I find...